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Wladimir ZANDT, orphan and survivor of the French Holocaust, international journalist in 6 languages Illegally kidnapped by France, he finds his American Jewish family at the age of 60. 56 years of searching over 3 continents and one year of Google search.

1940: Wladimir Zandt, a French Jew, was born December 30th in the Swiss maternity ward in Elne, France. Close to the French camps. He was interned at 5 months old in the French Rivesaltes camp of  deportation near Argeles camp with Perla Zandt, his mother, a Jewish Pole in the French Resistance. Wladimir and Perla escaped from the camp on January 9, 1942.

  1942: Wladimir was hidden in Aix-les-Bains until 1944.

1944: On July 31, 1944 Perla was deported to Auschwitz convoy 77. Wladimir became an orphan ! He was 3 years old. 11,400 Jewish children were deported from France.
1945: Placed with a Catholic family, the BOBICHONS, Wladimir incurred verbal abuse, sexual abuse, and material deprivation. He was baptized Catholic in 1947.

1999: Wladimir found a 70-pages war archive in the illegal possession of the French government containing Morris Sand’s file regarding Wladimir's adopting dated in 1945. Thanks to the Web, in 2000, after a one year search, Wladimir was finally able to locate his uncle Morris’ family.


2001: Wladimir visited Emma Sand (for the first time), his 90 years old American Jewish aunt who lived in California. He met her 3 times before her death. His adoptive Mother since 1945. He made 3 movies with its digital camera.

2003: At the age of 63, searching for his roots, his Jewish identity and culture, Wladimir was circumcised.

Today: A professional investigation by an international journalist was undertaken covering a 50-years period. A 1100-pages book, with 400 archives and pictures is available with with comments in English. Wladimir Zandt, a holocaust hidden child survivor, is a professional speaker. He speaks 6 languages.

Look inside :

Excerpt of book : Wladimir Zandt, the Holocaust survivor

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Wladimir will be available to speak in your city : Holocaust Centers, universities and Jewish associations. He may be contacted at: wladimir.zandt@orange.fr

For your next meetings with your students, teachers, journalists (6 languages) in your city : Holocaust centers, universities, Jewish associations :
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Please feel free to write to Wladimir Zandt who will be pleased to answer your questions
about his French hell from 1940 to today in France: “country of human rights” !


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