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My name is Wladimir Zandt, holocaust survivor, today Speaker on 5 continents
invited by 300 Holocaust centers, in 6 languages…

Here is my photo at 5 months old in the deportation camp of Rivesaltes, near the Spanish border, photo made by Elisabeth Eidenbenz, creator of the Swiss Maternity, who saved 600 mothers
and 600 babies suffering the violence of the French police.

Elisabeth wrote : “ We are evacuating the baby to try to save him to the Banyuls nursery close de camp…”

Wladimir Zandt, professional speaker since 13 years in 6 languages:

I am invited to answer the questions of your students, professors and journalists in Africa, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Israel, L. America, Russia, South Africa, USA,

Invited by the Holocaust centers (my American jewish family lives in USA, stolen by France since 1946)

Invited using video conferences…to offer you 3 different programs.

Read my site below in 10 languages to testifie on 5 continents :


 Newsletter  November 2013
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Wladimir Zandt today, 
Living at last among my American jewish family…
Family stolen by France, since 1946…67 years !
2012: I received my archives stolen by France ! At last ! French crime !
2012: France gave me the archives of my Mother, Perla ! 76 years of French crimes, robbery of documents accusing the France and the French government. Today ! I'm looking for an American Jewish lawyer to take France to international justice! Please, help me, I want to finish my life as an American Jew!

You can buy my DVD’s with my slideshow in english (114 pages),
- more my pocket book 268 pages of archives and photos (pdf)
- and 22 videos of my 7 volunteers who saved my life…

My work: 50 years of investigation…and 100 000 €. I am a professional journalist, holocaust survivor, speaker !

After 50 years of research I found and filmed my 7 volunteers who saved my life between 1940 – 1944…Their videos on my DVD’s…
To order my DVD’s : slideshow + 22 videos + my book

By mail  wladimir.zandt@orange.fr   : 39.35 $ with PayPpal

On amazon.com: 49.35 $ 

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