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  A Holocaust Survivor  

Wladimir Zandt

The 7 volunteers who saved my life

Elizabeth (Austria)

Maria (Mexico)

Nanny Renée Nanny Maquet (France)

Friedel and August (Switzerland)

Edith (Switzerland)

Celia (Spain)


How to pass on the memory, the Wladimir's action since 2000

Wladimir, hidden child, has searched his 7 volunteers who saved his life.

         1941 - Wladimir Zandt in the Rivesaltes concentration camp,
1941 - Elisabeth EIDENBENZ, protestant, who saved 600 mothers
            and their 600 babies.
  2003 - Maria and Celia 63 years later. My 2 spanish volunteers. 2005 - Célia : My spanish mamy.
  1942 - Jewish child deported from Rivesaltes camp. France. 1998 - Rivesaltes
            Fiedel Bohny Reiter and her question without answer.
2003 - Elisabeth EIDENBENZ, protestant, who saved
            600 mothers and 600 babies between 1940 and 1944.
            4 years !
2003 - Elne City hall  - Thanks to Elisabeth.

  Elisabeth EIDENBENZ, at home, Austria, 60 years later, who salved 600 mothers and 600 babies. 2005 - Elisabeth EIDENBENZ, her hospital in Elne, gratefulness in Barcelona.
2004 - Switzerland - My last meeting with Edith, my midwife in december 1940 at Elne.
    2001 - Emma. I met my uncles's wife who should be my adoptive mother.
            For the first time
  2006 - Sylvia, my "sister" interned with me in Rivesaltes
            concentration camp  in 1941.
2005 - Sylvia in front of the wall of 76 000 names. Paris.
            She discovers the name of her parents. Holocaust Memorial.

  2003 - Washington international congress,
            Hidden children survivors, Simone Weil-Lipmann living in U.S.A.

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