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My name is Wladimir Zandt, orphaned since 3 and a half years old (1944), a Holocaust survivor, and professional speaker for the past 12 years. I speak in 6 languages, in 5 continents, at 200 Holocaust centers, universities, and Jewish organizations: South and North America in 6 languages, Europe, Israël.

Speaker, a real vocation for my last years, perhaps until I am 120 years old.
And if my health is no longer good, I could communicate my memoire by video conferences to the entire world with Skype from my desk with my computer screen!

At 72 years old I have lived 3 lives, 3 different cultures :



Born Wladimir Zandt, Jewish: 1940-1942, French internment and deportation camp (Rivesaltes)

1940: Born Wladimir Zandt, Jewish, in a French internment camp in Rivesaltes, in the south of France. Interned at 5 months old with Perla, my mother, escaped with her, became a hidden child, and escaped the French deportation of innocent Jewishchildren. The list of 11,400 children is in my book thanks to Serge Klarsfeld.


Wladimir Zandt, Jewish, became “Guy Bobichon”, French and Catholic (Lyon, France)

  1947 : By the will and complicity of France, at 7 years old I became “Guy Bobichon”, baptized Catholic with a false identity, false culture and false religion. I was separated from my American Jewish family for 65 years. This was a French crime that deprived me from them all of my life. I should have lived my childhood, my adolescence, and my adult life in New York with family members such as my Uncle Morris and Aunt Emma, my cousins Rita, Nick, Barry, Esther, Dawn.

2009 : Voluntarily became Wladimir Zandt again, Jewish, at age 69 after having requested Rabbi de Strasbourg (France) to be circumcised. I wrote to the Pope (Rome) by certified return mail to annul my Catholic baptism, which is an offense to my ancestors’ thousands of years old culture.

Read the US press and my interview on TV in New York City and Mexico City.


Everything is in my 1100 page book, 400 archives and photos.
This work may be simply procured on my website in 10 languages,
with the 7 volunteers who saved my life between 1940 and 1944.



Elizabeth (Austria)

Maria (Mexico)

Nanny Renée Nanny Maquet (France)

Friedel and August (Switzerland)

Edith (Switzerland)

Simone (U.S.A.) Celia (Spain)

Just appeared on Amazon USA, 2 volumes of 1136 pages containing 400 archives and pictures, in the following languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian and French .

The book relates the life and hell of Wladimir, a child born in a French deportation camp, Rivesaltes, who was then hidden during the Holocaust, as he was in danger of being deported, He was orphan at the age of 4 of Perla, his mother who was deported to Auschwitz. He was then stolen from being found by his American Jewish family.

He has been fighting for 50 years to find his aunt Emma who was supposed to be his American Jewish adoptive mother.
But all this without the help of France.

In the last 12 years he has found the seven volunteers who saved his life and they helped him to put the pieces of his past together. He has filmed their reunions in order for the whole world to know them.
55 years of hell, 50 years of France obtructions. His story tells you about his 12 years of travelling via Europe, USA and Latin America with filmed testimonies to rebuild his past.

A true Holocaust journalist. He was kidnapped under the name of Guy Bobichon and was made catholic. Resilient, he defeated, alone, the country of Marshal Petain and was given back his original name, Wladimir Zandt, and his Jewish culture by his circumcision at the age of 63 years.

Every quarter, he comes to the U.S. to meet his family and to testify in universities where he answers questions from students, teachers, journalists with his 200 videos and 1500 archives in American and French. A life devoted to the memory of the Holocaust.

At 72, he accompanies students in Poland in the Shetls, cities (where his family lived), to some camps in Poland (where his mother died).

All this to follow in the steps of the deportees who have passed away and to make sure that the history of the Holocaust stays alive. Better than any political speeches ...
Wladimir is robbed of all his rights as a Holocaust victim by France since 1948. The policy of the ostrich, hiding its head in the sand!

Shame on France!

Read my book in 5 langages
A Holocaust Survivor
The Wladimir Zandt French Case
Kidnapped by France since 1946


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